What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Dynamics AX is a part of business software, developed by Microsoft. It’s an Enterprise Resource Management program (ERP), the program with which several businesses manage the daily record of back-end operations in the organization. Microsoft Dynamics AX covers the following areas in the industry. They are

  • Warehouse Management
  • Business Intelligent
  • Financial Management
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Project Management
  • Service Management
  • Inventory Management
  • HR
  • Constructing and
  • Distributing

Dynamics AX is a part of the Microsoft’s Dynamics family. It contains of both ERP and CRM softwares, renamed as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in recent 2016. The new design of the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform compared to to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is enhanced to commence the growth of user interactions and collaborations with other users.

Different types of Services Supported by Microsoft Dynamics AX Platform

There are three kinds of services supported by Dynamic AX. They are

  • Document Services
  • Custom Services
  • System Services

Document Services

This is a query-based service. It is used for the exchange of data with external systems. The data exchanged is in XML document formats. These documents are business entities, such as vendors, customers or sales orders. Following are the list of components of document services.

  • Document query
  • Table AxBC classes
  • Document Class
  • Document Service Class

Custom Services

Customer services are applied by developers to reveal any X++ logic, Example -X++ classes, and its members, by a service interface. Components of custom services are

  • Service Contracts and
  • Data Contracts

System Services

System services provided by Microsoft Dynamics AX are not customizable and also they are neither mapped to any types of queries nor X++ code. The different system services available in Dynamics AX is

  • Query Service
  • Metadata Service and
  • User Session Service
When and what type of service are used to improve Microsoft Dynamics AX Platform?

Mentioned below are the points suggesting when to use and what type of services should be used to enhance the performance of the Dynamic AX platform.

Custom Service

Custom service should be applied when disclosing less complex entities or data contract entities, which are shared with other applications.

Document Services

Document services should be applied when disclosing high complex entities, and also when the developers are working hard to validate data and structures.

Query Services

Query services are applied in the case of read-only operations and where there is no demand for insert, update and delete options. It is also used when writing NET framework applications that influence the data from Microsoft Dynamics AX reverted as an ADO.NET Dataset.

Metadata Service

When the metadata objects are required in AOT then the metadata service is applied.

User Session Service

When the user-session information is required then the user session service is applied.

So, these are the several types of services in Microsoft Dynamic AX and the right usage of those services lead to the improvement of Microsoft Dynamic AX platform.

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