Traditional CRMs costed high and they had to be hosted on the company’s own server. The company had to have their own hardware and software development team which was tedious, inefficient, time and money consuming. The set up took a very long time, anywhere between 6 months and 12 months. In spite of all the heavy work that was put in, the model was still difficult to use and understand.

Salesforce offered a much better and efficient CRM which was easily affordable and could be hosted on the third-party cloud for easy access and usage. Unlike, the time-consuming traditional CRM, this only took a few days to few weeks to set up. In spite of the low work put in the development, salesforce CRM was very easy to use and understand.


Salesforce as a service provider company, as many of us might be aware of, is a cloud-based solutions provider. One more popular opinion that is so prevalent is that they are unparalleled in the CRM space.

What do they actually do as a company? And how did they change the traditional CRM workspace for better, for ever. Let’s have an introductory look in this article.

Salesforce Developer Platform

Now let’s look at how salesforce made the software development process easy by providing efficient software developer platforms. Traditionally building an app required a lot of pre-production activities to be done. At first, the company had to buy and setup hardware followed by the installation of complex software. They then had to define user access and specify the level of accessibility for each category. And obviously, setting up reporting and analytics and building the best security were indispensable parts of the game. To end with, the entire model had to be made mobile friendly and social before the actual building of the app took place.

In salesforce CRM, salesforce takes over after the idea generation stage and you just need to paint the picture of your model accurately to them. The output of salesforce is a connected desktop and mobile apps, as smooth as it sounds.

Salesforce in Today’s Market

Salesforce in today’s market, either directly or indirectly is a part of major tech players such as amazon web services, twitter, google and Facebook. They are also an indispensable part of HR systems, financial systems, call centres and phone systems all across the world.

To give you a real-life picture, here are quick mentions of the day-to-day use of the salesforce CRM.

HR Systems
  • To keep track of employee records
  • To keep track of payment processes.
  • To keep track of the attendance of different employees and many more on similar lines.
Finacial Systems
  • A means to keep track of the different transactions
  • To identify the buyer, seller and the lender.
  • The time and amount of the transaction.

These are just some industry examples of many different salesforce uses.


As you can tell, Salesforce has become a must have in any company looking for efficient growth and it is necessary that you undertake them from a licensed provider with experienced professionals and un-paralleled expertise. Karya Technologies has been a leader in doing so and your CRM needs will be satisfied end to end.

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