Do you want to centralize your organization’s Applications, Data, and Endpoints into a single primary online space, enabling employees to collaborate online? Digital Workplace combines Tools, Places, Workstyles, Culture, and Skills to serve customers better. Yes, it is! 

The digital workplace is just as simple in that it proposes an evolution of the traditional office towards the latest trends, where there is no longer just a physical workspace, but an environment connected by the cloud. 

It consists of an integration of technologies focused on promoting the mobility of employees, enhancing interaction, and allowing access, from anywhere and at any time, to the different resources of an organization. The Digital Workplace eliminates the need to constantly juggle from one tool to another, and thus unifies your work environment. 

Digital Workplace embraces an all-in-one Platform: You can access anything from anywhere. It can be your Software and Business Applications: CRM, ERP, User Support, Invoicing Software, and all communication features, Natively Integrated: Instant Messaging, Videoconferencing, and Document Sharing features. 

In short, a Digital workspace allows you to share information easily and work with other members of your team as if they were next to you. 

Make effective Team collaboration through Shared Calendars, Documents, Creation of Groups and Communities. 

On top of it, your Project Management tool hosted on the cloud helps you to find all the information, processes, and progress of your tasks, to move forward effectively. 

What are the Benefits of a Digital Workplace? 

  1. It unifies all your company’s communication tools (E-Mail, Instant Messaging, Corporate Social Networks, and Videoconferencing) 
  2. It reinvents Document Management and Information Sharing. 
  3. It brings all the tools together in one place for your employees. 
  4. It offers a new employee experience, more focused on collective intelligence and alternative ways of working. 

Digitizing the workplace can also help reduce your IT costs, and boost IT Reliability, deployment becomes super easy and as pain-free as possible; while employee productivity, as well as satisfaction, has increased tremendously. 

Therefore, the Digital Workplace is a digital workspace that goes much further than a simple social or collaborative intranet or a mix of collaborative tools. On the contrary, it is the most advanced solution, which opens you up to an all-in-one, complete, consistent, and intuitive work environment for simpler, more efficient, and more collaborative work. 

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