Today’s Digital Businesses need for a Quick, Cost-effective and Easy integration solution that bridges cross-platform Applications. To make this a reality, it is more important to have a unified form of Application Support that is universal and helps the absolute Data Integration needs on Demand.

Why Tibco Scribe is chosen for Application Integration?

Scribe is a TIBCO product, an Agile Enterprise Application Integration tool that integrates many On-Premise and Cloud applications. TIBCO offers Scribe as an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that helps you manage data exchange across different Business Applications without any hassle. Scribe is a Microsoft supported tool. It is a SAS tool with various packages for different levels of service.

The basic key factors for choosing Scribe as your Cloud Integration Platform follows,

  • User-friendly – It has a simple and code-free Graphical Interface which makes Technical and Non-Technical personnel to efficiently map and manage data across systems.
  • Improve Productivity – With more resource engaging capability, it makes you naturally more productive at work.
  • Custom Integrations – It gives you the power to manipulate the Fields and Objects in Applications, configure them to be mapped across Cloud or On-Premises Application.
  • Improve Capabilities – Gives you the power to augment the Power of Automation, with its ability to automate repeated tasks and include these as part of your Routine Data Manipulation task.
How Scribe does it?

Being a Cloud-based service, Scribe provides you with two connectors, which can be used on-demand. One is for any specific application (e.g. Salesforce) and the other that supports a Communication Protocol (e.g. XML). These connectors help you to expose fields and entities from the iPaaS User Interface for creating a seamless integration.

What makes it approachable?

Traditional approaches that use either one of the technologies such as Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or Extract, transform and load (ETL), are suitable if your Applications are deployed on-Premises. However, these technologies will have an impact on Efficiency, Cost, and Speed if you plan to move the Application to the Cloud.

The Scribe could be a good bet for an integration solution if the Applications are deployed On-Premise, Cloud or in a Hybrid environment, to help reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your customer and reduce the integration cost. Your Business Analyst could quickly set up a Scribe integration solution thereby liberating you from the need of depending on technical skills.

For example, a Premier IT services company used the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform for automating their end-to-end business processes such as QTC (Quote-To-Cash) or Q2O (Quote-To-Order) & allowed to offer new service offerings seamlessly across their line of business and provided more granular control over business services.

Hence, Harness the power of the nex-gen cloud integration platform and transform your work environment to serve beyond your Physical Infrastructure yet maintaining your competitive edge in the market.

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